SEO Ranking Factors Every Marketer Must Know

google_seoApparently, Google has a new ranking factor which is a hype nowadays. It’s a major change that Google did to its algorithms which has a huge impact on search results.

This is an intriguing situation which calls for some much needed clarification on what SEO factors should be considered in 2016.

Brian Dean , along with his data partners analyzed 1 million Google search results to check on what are the key factors that affect SEO. Here are some key points in their findings:



linkPower of Backlinks. Backlinks still pretty much remain an important Google ranking factor. A number of domains which link to a page was closely related with rankings. It’s good idea to always link related pages to your content if you want it to rank higher.

Link Authority. A site’s overall link authority is also directly connected to high rankings. A link authority can also signify value and trust which can help your website gain more exposure.

Topically relevant content. Content that focused on a single topic outperformed content that didn’t cover a topic in-depth. This just means that you need to think clearly about your content and make it discuss more about a specific topic. If this seems a lot of work for you, you could always seek the assistance of an SEO Expert such as SumitSEO – A Jacksonville SEO Company to do creative content for you.


imagesLong Form Content. Longer content seems to rank higher in Google’s search results. An average of 1,890 words was seen on the Google first page result. Avoid short content and try to invest your time in creating comprehensive content if you want your website to shine.

HTTPS. Google confirmed HTTPS to be a ranking signal so, this likely is related to page rankings. But, the choice of changing to HTTPS is totally up to you because the abrupt switch can just give you trouble. You can check Google’s guidelines for HTTPS for more information.

Make it visual. Content with a least one image outperformed those without images. Visuals can make your content more interesting and more shareable to readers.

Be speedy. Site speed definitely matters. Fast-loading sites gained a higher rank than slow-loading sites. This can true given that most people today have a short attention span. Readers easily loss interest if they wait too long for a website to load up.
As we can see, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered.


Therefore, it really is necessary to consider these SEO ranking factors if you aim to get a high page ranking in Google. We are approaching modern times and algorithms can change so, we need to be prepared for those changes and utilize them for our good. This might be a bit overwhelming for a beginner however, you always have the option of asking help from any local SEO service in your area.


You can check more of Brian Dean’s thoughts on Google’s ranking factor below:


4 Content Marketing Tips for 2015

“Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” –@MarketingProfs

Content marketing has been proven to be quite essential in attracting your potential customers. A strong content makes it easier for a business or brand to be a success by making their target market more engaged in what they can offer.


However, content marketing can be a bit tricky especially if you’re just a beginner. Here’s an awesome infographic to make your content stand out!info


Cool Dental Marketing Tips


Face it. A lot of people are scared of dentists. According to a study, the main fear of the dental office is based on society’s beliefs about the dentist, rather than a painful experience in a dental office. A certain percentage will just seek dental help if they acquire serious dental issues. Just this fact makes it’s difficult for most dentists to market their business and gain more clients.


So, how can a dental business be a success in spite of the phenomena of dental fear? This is where dental marketing can really help in getting more patients to trust dental services. Let’s try to dig deeper and discuss some interesting ideas for dental marketing.

77 % use a search engine to search for health and medical information.

A majority of people use search engines such as Google, to search for medical-related information such as doctors. If they can spot you on the internet, they can have a more positive feeling about your service. Leave a mark in the modern world by creating your own website and search engines would gladly shine the limelight on your business.

52% of smartphone users gather health information and health related services on their phones.

If you do create a website, make sure you optimize it for mobile-users. A stunning webpage maybe worthless if it’s not displayed correctly on mobile phones. Nowadays, most people find it more convenient to use their mobiles in surfing the internet and it’s all worthwhile if you can run a mobile-friendly website.

34% read someone else’s review or experience online.

Customer reviews can make or break a business. You need to make sure you have great reviews about your business to create more awareness. Fake and bad reviews are common in the internet and dentists are the usual targets of these. Try to control or manage the reviews.

Engage in social media and make more people to like you.

Social media can be an effective platform for marketing if you know how to use it wisely.  For instance, Facebook has remained to be a social media giant and you can easily reach your potential patients instantly if you have an effective campaign. You can post some interesting short video which can represent what your business is about. You can even invite your patients to share their thoughts on your page which can increase the rate of engagement.

Seek professional help to stand out from the crowd.

Marketing can be a bit overwhelming especially for beginners so, we need the help of professional who can help your business be discovered. You can have a lot of competitors and if you don’t have a strong presence online, you would be crushed by your competition. There are a lot of dental marketing professionals that could provide you with creative marketing strategies to make your business a success. There is an available dentist marketing in Orlando, FL and any part of the state.

Take advantage of these cool dental marketing tips and crush the idea of dental fear!



5 Content Marketing Tips For Facebook

Facebook remains to be one of the most popular social platforms around today. Almost each and every one has their own account whether for business or personal purposes. With that amount of people, you would imagine how many target audiences you could reach instantly without even lifting a finger!

However, it’s not just about posting something and expecting people to like it instantly. So, here are some tips that could help you build a strong presence in Facebook.




7 Awesome Tips in Creating Eye-catching Infographics

‘Infographics’ are a trend. It may eventually fade away, though I don’t see it happening over the next 5 years.  But a thing that will stay here forever is the need for data visualization. Uldis Leifer

Infographics are becoming a fad nowadays.The search of inographics increased by 80% according to Consumers find it more engaging to see these visual content rather than simple text. Another reason relating to this phenomena, most people are visual learners and nothing excites them more than stunning graphics.

Companies like to incorporate these infographics in their content marketing strategy because of the powerful results that it could give which can be quite satisfactory.

However, there are things that you need to consider to effectively create an awesome infographic. Here are some nifty tips to help you get started:



1. Observe and learn

To get a clear idea of what makes an infographic effective, you could start off by checking out some popular infographics and observe the elements that make them stand out form the rest. One good place to search is Pinterest, consumers would usually pin some of the visual contents that strongly appeal to them. pinterest


2. Use your creative juices


Use your creativity to think of unique ideas to incorporate in your infographic, Most brands nowadays try to use an analogy which is quite effective in attracting readers. Before you start, try to determine the purpose of your infographic. Would it be humorous, serious or something unexpected? Your main goal though would be to properly disseminate information and make sure that your target market would understand what you mean.



3. Make sure your data is reliable


You need to check if your data i relevant and quite interesting. Also try to make sure it’s unique that readers would be attracted in reading it than anywhere else. Your sources should also be reputable to give accurate information which is necessary. Don’t forget to credit your sources especially if you give out data dealing with numbers or statistics,



4. Simplicity is beauty


A flat design usually works as it’s visually appealing and not too hard to the reader’s eyes. Consistency and a good color scheme can simply make some magic. You can try to check out some templates or create your own color scheme by checking out complimentary colors. You could also try to set-up a theme e.g. modern, retro and etc, so that your overall design will go in a specific direction.



5. Tell a thought-provoking story

Try to carefully choose points or facts that would tell an interesting story as a whole. You got to make sure that every bit of information that you’re adding is directly related to what the main topic is.


6. Size definitely matters

Avoid creating too large images for it will just add up to a lengthy website loading which affects consumer’s interest. Try to use a compressed size to make your reader more engaged in your post. You should go for a width of not more than 735 pixels to avoid resizing which can just mess up your overall image. This also makes your image quite easier to share on social networks.


7. Make it shareable

Infographics can generate a lot of traffic to your website so, it’s always best to embed it and make it shareable to other social platforms. You can use some tools which can add some share buttons that could ultimately encourage your readers to share it.